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New url for the ping site form

We've been quietly upgrading the server for, hopefully without too many problems for people. The goal has been to make the server more reliable.

Today we changed the url of the "ping site form."  We redirected the old address to the new one, which most clients will handle automatically, but if you can reprogram your client to use the new address, now would be a good time to do it, to make sure there's no breakage in the future. Also you may need to know this if for some reason your client doesn't respond correctly to the redirect request from our server.

So here's the new address...

And we've also updated the docs to reflect the new address.

The reason we made the change is that we're getting ready to retire the old server, and this is one last bit of functionality that still resides there.

Rogers Cadenhead has been working with me on these changes, so if you have concerns, he may respond to the questions posted below.

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